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Gotcha Spirits is proof that premium taste does not mean

premium price. Gotcha's line of

spirits are very high quality and

most are gluten free. From our 5x

distilled - ultra purified Vodka made with 100% Iowa corn, to our

masterfully blended whiskey.

Give it a try today!

Go out and get ya some GOTCHA.

Gotcha does not disappoint.

Candy Corn what?
Thats right, Candy Corn Whiskey. A truly different type of spirit. Born from some of the best whiskey in the USA. Carefully mixed and blended in small batches. Using only all natural flavoring, and real cane sugar. We take pride in producing one of the finest spirits on the market. 

Dehner Distillery is proud to bring to the market our very own Triple Sec. Bold, sweet orange flavor with a wonder finish. Please try it in your favorite margarita, cocktail, or simply on the rocks.

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