Sinfully good Spirits!

Atomic Cinnamon Whiskey is the right mix of both heat and sweet. It is made right here in Clive, Iowa. Made out of Iowa corn. 100% corn makes our product GLUTEN FREE! We use fresh, all natural ingredients. Thats were the color comes from, real cinnamon we have shipped in.
35% - 70proof

Red Boot Whiskey -

This is a great smooth corn whiskey with some flare. We only use 80% corn the rest of the 20% is make up of malted barley, malted rye, malted red wheat. Having this combination we feel gives it a more flavorful notes, also a more enjoyable product experience.
Corn Whiskey -
The corn whiskey is everything listed above. Our corn whiskey costs a lot more to make than 100% corn, but we think you will see why we do what we do when you taste it.
Spiced Whiskey -
Spiced whiskey is born as our corn whiskey only we take it one step further. We steep spices in our great corn whiskey to give it a totally different profile. The spices are very lite and smooth. The spices are there to accent the whiskey and not over power it. We think you'll agree it's different but in a great way!

For hundreds of years cigars and liquor have gone hand in hand. In Burlington, Iowa in 1872 Andy Dehner started "Andy Dehner's Cigar Company". One of his greatest handmade cigars with tobacco sourced from Cuba was called "Havana Judge". It was said Andy's factory store was a rendezvous for the men about the town, and that a couple barrels of rum may have helped fuel the conversations. To honor my family's entrepreneurial spirit, I have made it my mission to create a line of rums worthy of his approval. So sip some "Havana Judge Rum" and let the conversations begin.
​Joseph L. Dehner

We combine our premium gluten free vodka and organic hemp seeds for a whole new experience. This is a great mixable vodka that is super smooth. We agree that it will add a twist to any mixed drink.
40%-80 proof  750ml

Dehner Distillery - 151
151 is made with Iowa corn, why not right? We are surrounded by it, its everywhere. Being made from 100% corn means it is naturally gluten free. This is a high proof version of our vodka. It is great for making mixed drinks, punches, for your favorite apple pie recipe, or for whatever crazy idea you come up with..
It is sold only in 750ml bottles.

Please be very careful, this product it 151 proof/ 75.5% alcohol. It was not made to drink straight, it must be diluted. It is very flammable please keep sparks or fire away from this product.​
The underlining point here is don't be an idiot. We would rather see you not buy our product and be safe then buy our product and have something bad happen to you because you chose to act like a moron.



Key Points to our product--

1. Gluten Free
2. Sweetened with NON-GMO cane sugar
3. 100% all natural
4. We use only real cinnamon
5. More ABV than the competition
6. Less expensive than the competition
7. Product of IOWA

Dehner Distillery-Vodka
This is a premiun, high class vodka made right here in Iowa. Iowa corn is the grain of choice used to make this great product. It is 100% corn, so that means it is naturally gluten free. It does not stop there, we ultize state of the art processing equipment and biochemistry techniques to give our vodka such a smooth and clean taste. 
We feel it is second to none.​