Gotcha Spirits is proof that premium taste does not mean

premium price. Gotcha's line of

spirits are very high quality and

most are gluten free. From our 5x

distilled - ultra purified Vodka made with 100% Iowa corn,  to our

masterfully blended whiskey.

Give it a try today! Go out and get ya some GOTCHA.

Gotcha does not disappoint.

​​Dehner Distillery - 151
151 is made with Iowa corn, why not right? We are surrounded by it, its everywhere. Because it is made from 100% corn means it is naturally gluten free. This is a high proof version of our vodka. It is great for making mixed drinks, punches, for your favorite apple pie recipe, or for whatever crazy idea you come up with..
It is sold only in 750ml bottles.

Please be very careful, this product it 151 proof/ 75.5% alcohol. It was not made to drink straight, it must be diluted. It is very flammable please keep sparks or fire away from this product.​
The underlining point here is don't be an idiot. We would rather see you not buy our product and be safe then buy our product and have something bad happen to you because you chose to act like a moron.

Copper Cross in general is the combination of years of reach and development. We have put tougher the very best modern day technology and old values and traditions. They start their life in new charred white oak barrels, and then after several years of maturing they are hand selected to move on to the next step. The end result is three of the finest whiskeys on the market.

Copper Cross Single Barrel Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys are the proud parents to the Hybrid Whiskey. This collection is forever slightly changing due the fact that each small batch comes from a single barrel. Each barrel only yields about 300 bottles. Both are a very smooth, very approachable Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. Both types are bottled at 90 proof to give you their full flavor and the ability to stand out and be bold in your favorite cocktail, or just enjoy on the rocks.

Dehner Distillery - Hemp Vodka

We combine our premium gluten free vodka and organic hemp seeds for a whole new experience. This is a great mixable vodka that is super smooth. We agree that it will add a new twist to any mixed drink.

Dehner Distillery - Vodka
This is a premiun, high class vodka made right here in Iowa. Iowa corn is the grain of choice used to make this great product. It is 100% corn, so that means it is naturally gluten free. It does not stop there, we use state of the art processing equipment and biochemistry techniques to give our vodka such a smooth and clean taste.

Copper Cross Hybrid Whiskey is the one that started it all. This magnificent blend of Straight Bourbon & Straight Rye Whiskey yields a wonderful  result of a great sipping whiskey at only 84 proof.  Please enjoy on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.